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We are producers of technical ceramics. We produce custom made products. Our main production field is production of wear protection parts for pneumatic and hydraulic transport systems. We produce metal ceramic tubes and bends, ceramic mosaics, different ceramic plate, ceramic lined flexible tubes,

We have started with production of electrical controlled systems of metal ceramic bends and tubes for pneumatic transport. Also we produce ceramic lined flexible tubes with electronic control system. Here we are the only in the world who can do it. Also we produce ceramic lined conveying nozzles. Also here we are the only in the world who can do it out of ceramic.

Here are some advantages of our products:

We have ceramic lining made out of 95% Al2O3 and competitors have 92% Al2O3. This 92% Al2O3 material is not produced in Europe but in China. There is no producers of 92% Al2O3 in Europe for pipeline lining. Our 95% Al2O3 material can not be compared with 92% Al2O3 from China as our life time is much longer. We have male-female ceramic segments and competitors has only flat segments so in the bends there is always a gap between segments and  material can come in behind. we are the only one in the world who can produce it that way.

Also our metal bends are bended from one piece and competitors has welded elbows “lobster system” which is not good as it can brake easily.

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