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The headquarters of Bakker Magnetics is located in Son, just outside Eindhoven, in what has become the epicentre of the hi-tech industry in the Netherlands.
Bakker Magnetics’ dealerships and agencies can however be found worldwide. The company’s production facilities are not only located in Son, but also in China, the birthplace of the magnetic industry, where the company has established a joint venture.

As a company, Bakker Magnetics remains one of the top notch
industry leaders in the magnetic markets by constantly advancing
technical developments as they occur and the capability to develop
and manufacture products and systems of the highest standard by
maintaining close ties with its customers and suppliers.

Bakker Magnetic own development and engineering department
possesses state-of-the-art software that is capable of carrying out
the most precise calculations, producing quality digital designs and
controlling advanced CNC machines to a high degree of precision.
The company’s facilities, in conjunction with high-quality testing
equipment and prototype workshop, form an integrated development
chain that guarantees quality, flexibility and precision.

Bakker magnetics b.v.
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