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The company Blue Ocean Nova has developed a new generation of highly integrated fiber optic process sensors for inline measurement of relevant quality parameters in material processing manufacturing processes.

With the experience and market knowledge of several decades, Blue Ocean Nova has developed a new product category for the application of fiber-optical measurement methods in industrial manufacturing environments. This new category is based on a modular architecture, consisting of three main building blocks:

  • Optical detector technology ranging from 200nm – 11µm
  • process interfaces for measurements in solids, liquids and gases
  • mechanical flange adapters for compatibility with existing ports on manufacturing equipment

Through the use of new technologies, the integration of the spectral optical sensor directly into the measuring probe is now possible today. Combined with patented mechanisms for automatic self-cleaning during the process, allowing them to capture the particular process quality parameters in real-time in almost all continuous and batch-based production environments.

The intelligent process sensors include the relevant optical spectroscopy regions of the electromagnetic spectrum (UV-VIS-NIR-MIR) for in-line analysis of liquids, gases and solids in manufacturing processes. This makes it possible to eliminate product risks, and increase profitability and efficiency of production processes considerably.

This is based on our years of experience in product development in the field of industrial spectroscopy and process analysis. We continue through our technical know-how, our creativity and innovative spirit of the new standards in optical process analytics.

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