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BlueSky Industrial Air Cleaners

About Us

BlueSky® Global LLC is currently the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* Industrial dust-collection systems equipped with SmartBox® Technology.

Rent, Lease, Purchase

BlueSky is revolutionizing the dust collector industry—it’s no longer necessary, or even desirable, to own your dust collector outright. Simply rent a machine, short- or long-term, from your waste management company, equipment rental company, or directly from BlueSky.

Permanent, Temporary

A BlueSky® dust collector can be used as a mobile dust collector or as a permanent-installation dust collector. We make the bold claim that it performs both functions better than any other industrial dust collector on the market.

Game Changer

What makes a BlueSky® dust collector unique? Most importantly, you never touch contaminated filters! When it comes time to replace filter cartridges, you simply exchange the SmartBox® module (think inkjet cartridge). All our competitor’s dust collectors require individual filters to be removed one-by-one (a risky operation).

The used SmartBox is taken away and disposed of or serviced appropriately.

BlueSky Industrial Air Cleaners
BlueSky Industrial Air Cleaners
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Products by BlueSky Industrial Air Cleaners

Baghouse dust collectors
Cartridge dust collectors
Dust suppression systems

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