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Boersema loading bellows – Do you work with bulk dry goods? Boersema has developed loading bellows that are specifically designed to load fine or granular bulk dry materials into different open or enclosed transportation vehicles. We pride ourselves in delivering custom-made loading bellows that fit our clients’ specific needs and circumstances. That is why our bellows are available in different diameters to suit the loading capacity you need.

Why choose Boersema loading bellows?

Choose Boersema loading bellows – choose quality. With over 25 years of experience, we have gained expert knowledge of your industry and its transport and loading challenges. If required, we can fit our loading bellows with several extras:

  • Individual dust collection (type ZAZ)
  • Connection for central dust collection (type AZC)
  • Electric control panel
  • Inner tapered cones (for abrasive goods)
  • Shutter cone
  • Tester cone with level indicator

All our loading bellows can be manufactured in steel or type 304 stainless steel. If needed, they can be made to satisfy the ATEX zone 22 safety requirements.

Boersema loading bellows
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