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Burrow Industries, Inc. has been in business for over 31 years; and is located in Temperance, Michigan on the OH-MI border near Toledo, “The Cross Roads of the Midwest.” We offer a unique blend of old time ingenuity to design and build machines and make parts for plants around the world. Burrow Industries, Inc. solves day-to-day manufacturing issues, re-engineers needed parts for our customers, manufactures components of machines that are no longer available, and develops new tools for a variety of industries. Also, Burrow Industries, Inc. now has more than 30 years of experience in machinery for food-filling plants.

Our employees make use of the latest technologies available so Burrow Industries can insure high quality and cost efficient parts and prototype machines. Our staff can assist with making improvements to customer’s equipment by consulting on improvements to equipment and systems.

Mark Burrow is the inventor of the Positive Flow Control™ Valve that was created for the bag filling industry to control drift, seal contamination, weight control problems plus give a positive shut off each time the doors close.

Burrow Industries, Inc. is now bringing to its customers a Laboratory Ribbon Blender with a ¼ cubic feet control chamber to ensure accuracy for control of ingredients. The unique design of the auger allows complete mixture of product, plus a Smizzer cutting blade can run to cut ingredients and breakdown lumps. Easy access to the control chamber allows smooth adding and removal of product.

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