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B+W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte GmbH

Our product range covers a wide spectrum of special components professionally designed for the Silo and Conveying Technologies in the Bulk Material Industry. It is divided into four categories:

  • NALTEC® Water Fog Systems
  • NALTEC® Water Irrigation Systems
  • MATAKT® Air Cannons
  • FLAER® Conveyor Belt Scrapers

For these products, B+W offers a comprehensive on-site consulting service, planning, installation, repair and maintenance. Please find some economic solutions for your plant:

Our NALTEC® Water spraying system is effective against dust formation by solid goods. Special water nozzles generate an artificial water fog that binds the dust particles, and due to the increased weight, the dust particles quickly sink down.

Additional areas of application are in air humidification of production and storage rooms, as well as air conditioning, and gas and material cooling. By adding appropriate additives, the system combats odours or encrusts surfaces.

The NALTEC® water irrigation system is used for automatic irrigation, e.g. lawn, planting beds, plantations and business parks, wherever a dust reduction is desired. NALTEC® irrigation systems are specifically designed for you and fully meets your requirements.

FLAER® Conveyor belt scrapers are used for maintaining conveyor belt systems clean. Adhering product on the conveyor belt decreases the lifetime of the belt due to its high amount of soil. Here, the use of FLAER® conveyor belt scraper is an effective solution in the field of belt cleaning.

MATAKT® Air cannons provide discharge assistance for stored bulk materials. Bridging in pipelines, bunkers or silos are mostly the reasons for clogging and blockages. This can lead to considerable production disturbances.

MATAKT® Air cannons are used to pneumatically eliminate flow problems.

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