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Cavicchi Impianti S.r.l.

For over 40 years Cavicchi Impianti has been a unique point of reference in the bulk handling industrial world. Consulting services together with manufacturing capabilities and experience, enable this company to offer tailor-made equipment to satisfy any problem arising from conveying, blending, dosing and weighing bulk products such as free-flowing and non-free-flowing and granules.

Cavicchi Impianti’s engineering specialized staff create and manufacture economic and efficient solutions adaptable to solve any individual problem encountered in that precise moment with a projection for the future.

Our philosophy

Customers satisfaction is the motivation that leads Cavicchi to pay careful attention to clients’ requirements and consequently introduce new and innovative ideas, which together with a constant technical updating of the professional standards of its engineers and equipment, guarantees clients ample compensation for the trust placed in Cavicchi Impianti.

What we offer

Prior to its products and services, Cavicchi Impianti offers consultancy and security.

The certainty to have found a supplier that understands customers’ requirements and wants customers to understand what will be delivered, at first with simple and detailed quotations, avoiding customers unpleasant final surprises, and later, with owners’ manuals, complete with all the required documentation for easy consultation and comprehension.

All the equipment is inspected and tested, built according to CEE laws and delivered with all the required certifications.

Cavicchi Impianti is also a security to industrial machinery constructors and installing personnel, in view of the extensive experience obtained in the most diversified sectors of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, plastic and zootechnical world.

Cavicchi Impianti S.r.l.
Via Matteotti, 35
Villanova di Castenaso
+39 051 605 31 64


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