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Centec GmbH

The Centec Group is a specialist operating worldwide for measurement technology and unit engineering with special emphasis on the Beverage and Food industry, the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, Petro-Chemistry, Semiconductor as well as the Energy Industry.

The Centec Group provides a worldwide structure for sales and service with branch offices on several continents and a small well-integrated global network of sales and service partners. All in an effort to provide our customers with consistent local and regional support in a timely fashion.

Centec is well-known as a competent supplier for process sensors on the basis of density (Rhotec), Sound velocity (Sonatec) and combination of both (Combitec) for the determination of °Plato/Extract, °Brix and Alcohol, real/apparent Extract, degree of Fermentation (Beer Monitor and Plato Monitor). Other sensors supplied by Centec include CO2 Inline (Carbotec TR) and optical O2 Inline and mobile hand unit (Oxytrans TR, Oxytrans M).

Centec supplies complete process systems like High-Gravity-Blending-Systems (HGB) , Inline-Carbonation-Systems (CDS), Membrane-Deaeartion-Systems (DGS) and Hot/Cold-Column-Systems (DeGaS) for High-Gravity-Blending-Water, Additive-Blending-Systems for beer color, caramel, Tetra- and Iso-hops-extracts (ADOS), Multi-Stream-Blender for Beermix drinks (MSB), Flash Pasteurizer (FPS), Wort-Aeration-Systems (OSS), Yeast Pitching Systems (HDS), complete Premix Systems for Soft drinks (CPS) and UV-Units.

In the chemical industry and in power plants sensors are in use for the determination of concentrations (e.g. in w/w%, v/v%, etc.), based on density (Rhotec) and sound velocity (Sonatec). For the individual process adaptation all sensors can be supplied in different configurations according e.g. flange type and material. Next to stainless steel and Hastelloy, the sensors can be manufactured as well in Incoloy, Monel and Tantalum material. All devices can be optionally supplied in Ex-proof-version (ATEX) with external control unit MCM or in a compact transmitter version with local display and keypad.

Centec supplies complete systems for Water treatment, Water deaeartion using membrane contactors (DGS) or hot/cold columns (DeGaS), systems for Blending (MSB) and Gasing/Aeration (CDS) of liquids, Flash Pasteurization Systems (FPS) and UV-Units.

Furthermore for official alcohol-tax-calculation, complete measurement systems for Bio-Ethanol according to the official regulations of the Standards Department. On the basis of the PTB-certification the Rhotec sensor can be used in combinaton with different types of certified flow-meters (e.g. massflow meter, drum meter, cylindrical piston meter, etc.). The systems can be completed with gas separators and sampling tank.

The Centec group has been a partner to the pharmaceutical industry for many years in the preparation of complete water treatment plants. Centec can supply system parts to complete plants from the batch reactor to the bottle-pack-units utilizing the best available technology. Our experienced project teams assist in a very cooperative and pragmatic approach to the project design, fabrication, implementation and after-sales support.

Centec provides complete engineering for design of water-treatment-systems based on raw water analysis and out-going water quality desired. We produce and supply Centec water-pre-filtration, ion exchangers, reverse-osmosis-systems, electro de-ionization and ultra filtration. Further production, supply and integration of pure-steam-generators, multiple-effect-stills and CIP units. Our performance range include the manufacturing of tanks, filter screens, piping work, factory acceptance tests, system commissioning and after-sales service, system validation and automation.

The systems start with creation of a qualification map outlining equipment details, design details, installation details and system functionality, followed by the performance qualification validation in cooperation with our on-site personnel, as required or requested by the customer.

Centec GmbH
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