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Control Concepts, Inc.

This privately owned business located in the north east corner of Connecticut has been manufacturing and selling our branded products for 65 years. The original company known as Winterburn Manufacturing, started by Robert W. Randall in 1951, was named after his father-in-law who invented our Zero Speed Switch. Bob later renamed the company DAZIC Controls Corporation based on an acronym created to describe the product – Direction And Zero Indicating Contactors.

In 1993 two life-long friends, John Morgan and Henry Tiffany, purchased the DAZIC Controls Corporation from Bob Randall and renamed it Control Concepts. To this day we still receive purchase orders from long-time customers referring to the DAZIC device.

Control Concepts has expanded over the years through various company and product acquisitions including the RotoGuard Switch from Bindicator® (A Venture Measurement brand and Subsidiary of Danaher Corporation), AcoustiClean Sonic Horns, Airsweep Systems from Myrlen Inc., and Counting Devices Inc. (A product line we decided to step away from in 2015).

Sonic horns were introduced into the U.S. market in the late 1970’s. Our AcoustiClean line of Sonic Horns is fashioned after one of the most successful and widely used designs developed by Jeff Shelton and the Drayton Corporation, named after the public lounge where Jeff developed the idea along with his father and brother. His line of sonic horns was later sold to BHA, which in turn was bought by General Electric. Control Concepts began manufacturing the AcoustiClean sonic horns at the request of a GE rep following the discontinuance of their manufacturer’s rep program.

Control Concepts provides devices and systems to improve material handling and reduce cost in many industries. Airsweep Systems, Zero Speed & Proximity Switches, AcoustiClean Sonic Horns. We look forward to helping you.

Control Concepts, Inc.
Control Concepts, Inc.
100 Park Street
United States
+860 928 6551


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