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Experience, know-how and innovation are the basis for modern process engineering.

Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik provides the cover for complete supply chain management in the form of a combination of different services, from micronization, mixing and processing, through to a complete service as contract compactors. This is enabled by working in several shifts around the clock, by the production and storage in four sites on a hall total warehouse area of ​​24,500 m² and a total land plot area of ​​200,000 m².

The core competence as a partner of the major industries in the area of ​​process engineering is the processing of raw material batches for example by contract mixing or contract screening as a classic sub-contractor. In addition there is the creation and operation of customer-specific systems in our warehouses. These are developed in close cooperation with you and built and operated compactly by Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik. Here as a subcontractors we invest in plant technology and will take care of the production for you in a plant reserved only for you. Another variation is to take over existing production plants already in operation by means of service contracts and the possibility of operating and building up the customer’s production capacity on-site. Usually related to this are long-term contracts, through which as contract compactors the involvement in the quality assurance measures and logistics chain of the customer are realized.

On-site plants and our own sites are supervised by experienced engineers. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik works according to the criteria of DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.


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