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The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is a global network of equipment manufacturers, food processing companies, research institutes, and public health authorities, founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting hygiene during the production, processing, and packaging of food products. EHEDG is a non-profit foundation and a worldwide knowledge-sharing community, connecting food industry stakeholders, scientists, and legislators across the supply chain. EHEDG has 550 food and food equipment company members (among which the biggest food processing and food equipment companies in the world) and 60 university members. Furthermore, many scientific institutes and legislative authorities from 60 countries are affiliated with EHEDG today.

Foundation for your successful food safety programs

Since its establishment, EHEDG has contributed to safer food production on a global scale by helping to improve the cleanability and food safety of industrial processing and packaging installations. The EHEDG product portfolio includes guidelines, equipment certification, and training programs in many countries that form the basis of many successful food safety programs worldwide. Companies become EHEDG members to improve process safety and sustainability, safeguard regulatory compliance, minimise contamination risks, reduce lifecycle costs, protect food quality, maximise production time, create new business opportunities, and to exchange know-how and best practices.

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