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Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. (Stock Symbol: EVTN) is the developer and manufacturer of the Voraxial® Separator, arguably the world’s most efficient, high volume, bulk fluid and fluid/solid separation technology. EVTN has developed and patented the Voraxial® Separator; a revolutionary and proprietary technology that efficiently separates large volumes of solids and liquids with different specific gravities. The Voraxial® Separator acts as an in-line, continuous flow separator that can conduct high volume liquid/liquid, liquid/solid or liquid/liquid/solid separation. The Voraxial performs separation without a pressure drop.

The Voraxial can efficiently handle fluctuations in flow rate and oil concentrations without any adjustments, allowing for ease of installation and operation. This superior separation is achieved in real-time, and in much greater volumes, with a more compact and energy efficient machine than any product on the market today.

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