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Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc. (EDT) specializes in custom design and supply of complete evaporator and spray dryer systems, fluid beds, agglomerators, bag houses and powder handling systems.

Evaporator Dryer Technologies provides quality, innovative components as part of our systems that improve and enhance process operations – such as our exclusive CIP and Fire Suppression nozzles and systems, High Pressure Nozzle Atomization system and more. Additional services include process optimization, upgrades and after sales support.

It is EDT’s ongoing mission to provide engineering solutions, top quality components and exceptional technical support for safe, efficient, sanitary processing of today’s products.

EDT provides complete powder processing systems for Whey and Whey Permeate, Lactose, WPC, Milk Powders, Cheese Powders and Infant Formula.

Whether you need of a single component or a complete processing system look to EDT for your next evaporator and spray drying project.

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