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Innovative from experience – Competent from tradition

Ferrum Ltd. four different business units united under one roof, supplying a huge variety of industrial sectors with products and services that form the base for countless end user products. The widely diversified product range reduces the financial risks.
Worldwide activities on every continent, a high level of self-financing and economic independence ensure that the company will continue to enjoy a strong position with excellent prospects also in the future.

Ferrum is a global player. Its key markets include the food and beverages industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

  • Canning technology – Ferrum can seaming machines are a byword in the food and beverages growth market, famed for pertinent innovations, advanced technology, Swiss quality and reliability around the globe.
  • Centrifuge technology – With over 80 years of experience, more than 6,200 centrifuges sold and outstanding expertise in controlling processes, Ferrum is a force to be reckoned with in centrifuge technology for the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Metal castings – Although casting is Ferrum’s oldest business unit, our sights are always trained on the future – with bespoke services and outstanding innovative power.
  • Ferrum Waschtechnik AG – An impeccable record in commercial washing technology. Ferrum Waschtechnik AG offers high quality integrated solutions commercial cleaning sector – from customised requirement and concept studies to planning and implementation.
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