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High quality Mixing and Processing Equipment and related advanced process engineering technology. Includes bulk handling systems.

We design, manufacture, install / supply and service our 100% own sourced equipment, customised to customer’s own bespoke requirements where requested. For applications from heavy mastics / adhesives, foods, surface coatings, to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Fillworth has extensive experience in both solids and liquid mixing, as well as in the design of process equipment.

The company has evolved to become one of the UK’s most advanced process equipment manufacturers.

We have successfully supplied industrial mixers and completed projects in many regions of the world and across a wide range of market sectors.

The Fillworth philosophy is to provide customers with a high quality service to ensure that design, planning, construction and cost objectives are met, whatever project is being undertaken.

Fillworth Customised Solutions

Fillworth’s strength is that all our industrial mixing machines are designed and engineered to work with the customer’s individual requirements, product specifications and process conditions.

We engage in extensive consultation with the customer throughout the design and manufacturing stages to ensure that all relevant criteria are taken into account, resulting in the ideal process solution.

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