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Fischbein Saxon have it all bagged up!

Fischbein Saxon part of the Fischbein group have for years been know as the leader in bag ‘closing’ technology which is a name and image that we’re proud of for over 100 years and the Fischbein sewing machines and Saxon sealers will continue to be the preferred methods of bag closing and a core part of our product range. However, we would like to state we can offer more than that! Recent machinery developments and designs have enabled us to be in a position launch new complete bag closing and handling solutions including Bag placers, bag top formers, combined total bag handling of these methods to complete bagging lines including specialized conveying, robot palletizing and integrated wrapping.

Robust in design, cost effective and with efficient bag handling reliability you can experience pay back from initial investment within under two years.

We will be launching and displaying these new machinery developments at a variety of shows throughout the year and you can call us on 08443722877 or Email sales@fischbein-saxon.co.uk today to discuss your needs.

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