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Fortville Feeders Inc. a part-feeding systems manufacturer provides vibratory feeder bowls, tracking, hoppers & escapement mechanisms. Founded in 1979, Fortville Feeders Inc. a part-feeding systems manufacturer. Based in Fortville, Ind., the company provides vibratory feeder bowls, centrifugal-bowl feeders, vibratory parts feeders, vibratory feeder systems, tracking, hoppers and escapement mechanisms. We offer variety of custom-water-jet cutting work on various materials, including glass, titanium, steel, stainless steel, alloys and thermoplastics. Additionally, Fortville Feeders Inc. specializes in the automation industry with innovative parts feeding solutions. Its list of part-feeding components includes air tracks, gravity tracks and elevators. Manufacturer of part feeding systems that efficiently presents parts to machines & man for manufacturing. Capable of feeding from simple to complex parts for high-speed automation. Markets served include consumer products, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, fasteners, packaging, robotics, inspection, ammunition, special machine builders & plastic injection molders. Vibratory feeder & material handling systems including bowls, drive systems, various tracks, hoppers, conveyors & escapements.

Fortville Feeders Inc.
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