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FRIEDRICH electronic is a worldwide known manufacturer and distributor of automation technology in milling business and grain processing industry. The principal office is situated in Lollar, Germany.

The company is specialized on measuring technology for grain processing industries. Its preferential sector of development is the continuous measurement of physical characteristics. Customers are principally mills, compound feet plants, breweries and grain trading companies.

Due to the philosophy of producing high quality and high tech, more than 1000 FRIEDRICH electronic control systems in over 60 countries keep ensuring the regulation and control of flours, powders, pellets, grain and many other goods. Persistent innovation and continuous development make sure that these products are future-proof investments.

FRIEDRICH electronic products:

  • Automatic Dampening System NC6, exact moisture regulation of cereals as preparation for grinding
  • Flow Controller FC3, exact gravimetric dosage of all free flowing bulk solids
  • Vertical Pipe Weigher DCG, exact weigher of all free flowing bulk solids
  • Rotor Weigher RC, exact weigher for flour, powder and bran

FRIEDRICH electronic’s fields of application:

  • Mills, grain and flour processing industries
  • Feed and food production
  • Breweries and malthouses
  • Continuous bulk handling
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