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Intelligent Process Cooling

Frigel is a Market Leader around the World in Plastic Process Cooling, with three major objectives:

– Finding “optimal” technical Solutions with Customers; to maximize their performances and operational savings.

– Assuring a global presence with an extensive network of local specialized customer support

– A commitment to adopt technical solutions able to preserve the environment

Frigel is much more than a manufacturer and supplier of Cooling and Temperature Control equipment. Thanks to more than 40 years of specialization in Plastic Process Cooling, Frigel is a real “technical consultant”, able to clearly identify the best solution (in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and thus return on investment) for each application and explain and prove these concepts to each customer.

This approach is the “engine” of our ability to innovate. The constant effort in finding the most efficient solutions for each customer is very often the trigger of new ideas and technological solutions.

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