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Inventor of the Counterflow Cooler & Counterflow Dryer. Worldwide market leader, references in more than 100 countries. Aiming for highest food safety standards, best energy efficiency and lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Striving to eliminate negative environmental impacts from our operations and from our customer’s drying and cooling processes. All R&D and manufacturing in Haelen, the Netherlands. Sales & service offices in Europe, North- and Latin America and Asia.

The laws of nature can’t be changed.

Gravity, thermodynamics, aerodynamics.

They guide our continuous development of the world’s best dryers and coolers.

They are the foundation of our team’s expertise and top-rated service.

They help us to dry and cool your product with a minimum of energy and moving parts.

And with the best possible food safety.

The laws of nature can’t be changed.

They make us reconsider how we treat our limited natural resources.

They make us strive for 100% sustainability in everything we do.

The laws of nature can’t be changed.

They must be respected.

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