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Gemco Valve Company

In the 21st century Gemco Valve remains committed to the same core values of our founders in 19th and 20th centuries. These ideals of innovation in design, excellence of manufacturing and superior customer service has allowed us to penetrate the global market with the same dedication and support we have established domestically.

We continue to research and develop with valve designs and prototype testing for NASA’s extended lunar habitation and manned Mars missions. Our investment in technology has allowed us to not only improve our products, but it has helped us work even more closely with our customers.

We now use AutoCAD and SolidsWorks .dwg, .dxf, .pdf and IGES formats to exchange engineering drawings with our clients. Our Web site, training videos, and manuals, along with on-site visits, are ways we support our clients during and after their purchase.

At our plant in Middlesex, NJ, our skilled welders, polishers, CNC machinists and assemblers, who average over 20 years of service, are dedicated to working with the newest manufacturing practices. All our employees work in Total Quality Management teams to promote the best possible service and products.

Gemco Valve continues to meet the ever-increasing challenge of developing new products for containment and durability that will improve worker safety and increase production. We look forward to using emerging technology to help our clients meet the standards of regulatory bodies around the world. Our commitment to developing innovative products will only be matched by our commitment to customer service.

Just as we strive to use the latest technologies to improve our manufacturing practices and products, we will continually dedicate ourselves to making our customers our partners.

Gemco Valve Company
301 Smalley Ave
United States
+1 732 733 1143


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