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Geroldinger offers the leading technology for many complex applications for storing, conveying, distributing and dosing bulk solids.

Geroldinger’s slogan is to “move your bulk solids reliable and precisely to the process”, in the right quantity and quality at the right speed automatically, at the press of a button to predefined interfaces. Geroldinger calls it “bulk-solids logistics plants” offering more added value to our customers and gives them outstanding investment security.

MULTIGON-Silo technology – silos for mass flow and maximum useable volume. Particularly for hygroscopic and temperature sensitive bulk solids (urea, salt, sugar, phosphates, fertilizers, etc..). Twice silo volume compared to round silos. High flexibility through modular design. Low transport costs, easy maintenance and operation. Optimum insulation (double wall elements) prevents condensation. Mass-flow ensures FIRST-IN FIRST OUT discharge.

OSZILLOMAT – effective and efficient discharge system. Loosen, discharge and dose complex bulk solids from silos/containers, all in one system. Oscillating beams ensure mass-flow and a guaranteed silo discharge. High dosing constancy (+/-1%), low operating costs and easy maintenance, high availability and efficiency.

Round 80 employees produce a turnover of approximately 7 Mio Euros annually. With an export rate of 75 %, Geroldinger plants can be found world-wide nowadays.

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