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GIMAT Srl was founded in 1975 by Engineer Giorgio Magri, current president, supported for several years now by his children Claudio and Marco Magri, who are also Engineer.

The company has specialized since its origins in the production and use of flexible spiral conveyors and then, over the years, diversified the production in the field of TRANSPORT, DOSAGE, MIXING AND BAGGING powders and granules in general.

Our systems, with the improvements made in the course of time and the positive feedback from customers, have found wide application in the plastics, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in all those industries where, for process requirements, raw materials are used in the form of powders or granules.

The widespread and continued distribution to Italian and foreign transformation companies, was made possible thanks to the collaboration with leading Italian manufacturers of machines and systems, thereby recognizing the efforts made by GIMAT in developing products that are reliable and designed to meet the needs of every single customer.

The primary strength of the company is the synergy between the technical department and the production department which makes it possible, on the one hand, to develop dedicated and efficient technical solutions, and on the other to rapidly achieve what is conceived while at the same time monitoring the entire production process .

The technical department made use of 3D CAD stations since 1990. Today it is based on a potential of various Workstation with SOLIDWORKS and COSMOS software for finite element analysis.

The ability to rapidly produce what is designed is possible thanks to the high degree of automation of the internal production process which involves:

  • The development of three-dimensional surface shapes for generating the machine code (CAM)
  • Laser cutting of sheet metal and laser cutting of tubes using the CAM previously obtained
  • Press-bending of cutting pieces produced, with six-axis numerical control
  • Turning and milling with numerical control

The modern technology of the product engineering and achievement process, combined with the experience of our consolidated workforce, enables us to compete, day by day, in a market where there is an increasing demand for just a few and unique samples of special works.

Via dell’Artigianato 1-17
Ozzano dell’Emilia
+39 051 799573


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Belt conveyors
Flexible screw conveyors
Screw conveyors
Gravimetric feeders
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