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Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines Ltd.

Innovative Flight Forming Machine + Blank Cut Design Manager Software Free*

Gone are the days when operators used to spend hours and hours to perfect a helix for accurate fit to the shaft. With our innovative flight forming technology and blank cut design manager software anyone can form true pitch helices in seconds or minutes. 

Gone are the concerns regarding;

  • Rework for perfect fit up on to the shaft
  • Dependency a highly skill operator (artisan) and the consequent key person pay and issues with training delays.
  • Getting complaints from clients for weaken welding joins due to imperfect pitch angles
  • True-ness of helix form
  • Bottle necks in production at sectional helix station
  • Issues of small changes materials quality effecting outcomes.

Investing in one of our HF1 Ultra Adjustable series machines brings an end to the chaos, both management and production.  Machines include options to form sectional helices of up to 4000mm diameter.  As an application manufacturer these machines allow the option, without experience, to start your own in-house production of helices. No more relying on third party, no more time lags and added margins. Even feel comfortable forming helices straight from wear plate such as Hardox 450.

‘Helix Flight Ultra Adjustable Flight Forming Machine’ plus ‘Blank cut design manager software’ allow companies to move away from the “Craftsman’s Black Art” of making Helix Flights to the very quick and flexible design and manufacture of highly accurate flights for many industrial uses. Novices can be trained in the set up and use of HFMML software and machines within days rather than months or even years. 

  •  Productivity
  • Ease and speed of training operators  (2 days)
  • Speed of production (less than 1 minute for simple items)
  • Safety
  • Eliminating many of the causes of injury  (Following a survey industry incidents over last 30 years)  RSI and lifting injury inducing foot peddles now ancient history
  • Quality
  • Quality of true form helices and tightness of fit  (now limited by shaft manufacture tolerances)
  • Flexibility
  • Expanded range of adjustability (HF1 MD – massive range of sectional helix configuration from 200-1500 mm diameter and 800mm pitch, up 40mm thickness)
  • Efficiency
  • No waste (items formed with forming error can be re-run through machine and corrected.)
  • Form sectional helices straight from wear plate

Our software and machines are a significant step change in the global sectional helix forming industry and produce a number of savings due to speed and quality, and reduce management issues due to improved safety, online diagnostics, and ease and speed of training. 

Our business model is not to just sell a machine but partner with a company with an ongoing relationship. We are also highly motivated to ensure the machine remains in production mode, and our greatest potential of improving our business is helping our partners businesses grow production.

Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines Ltd.
6 Clayton St, Newmarket 1023, Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand


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