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For 125 years, Heyl & Patterson Inc. has provided high quality, reliable, custom-engineered solutions that are trusted by industries worldwide. Heyl & Patterson is the leader in the design and construction of bulk material handling and thermal processing equipment for customers in a wide range of industries, such as Agricultural, including grain, cottonseed, tobacco and wineries; Chemical, including organics, inorganics, fertilizers and polymers; Energy, including coal, biomass, oil sands, oil shale and torrefaction; Environmental, including soil remediate, greenhouse waste and foundry sand; Food, including cereal, spent grain, flour, sugar, coffee, fish meal and lactose; Foundries, including steel, copper, glass and blast furnaces; Metals, including coke, carbon fiber and batteries; Mining & Minerals, including metal ores, salt, sand, charcoal and limestone; Pulp & paper; Plastics, including polyethylene, PET flakes and PVC; Ports, including bulk cargo, shipyards and terminals; and Railroads

Heyl & Patterson supports these markets with replacement parts, upgrades, retrofits and life extensions, regardless of the original manufacturer. We also offer consulting and field service support, as well as a pilot plant laboratory for the testing and development of ongoing innovations our customers require and expect. Customers can always trust Heyl & Patterson to fulfill and service all of their bulk material handling and thermal processing needs.

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