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Huber GmbH

Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau GmbH is a leading provider of high precision temperature controllers for laboratory, pilot plant and production. The company employs approximately 220 employees at its headquarters in Offenburg and operates internationally with offices and trading partners. More than 120,000 Huber Temperature control systems are in use in science, research and industrial applications. In 2010 for the second year in a row, Huber was awarded the TOP 100 seal of approval for being one of the 100 most innovative medium sized companies in the Germany.

Huber Kältemaschinenbau was founded in 1968 as one of the first companies in refrigeration systems. master craftsmen and builders since 1984 GmbH in the family. With numerous product innovations, Huber has the technological development in the advanced liquid temperature. A revolution in temperature control was the introduction of Unistat temperature control in 1989. To date, the tone is instantly when it comes to highly dynamic tempering processes. Typical applications are in the process and chemical engineering, semiconductor industry, solar technology, materials testing and chemical and pharmaceutical research. In addition to the Unistat-temperature control, the product range of heating and cooling thermostats and chillers.

The Huber product range offers solutions for all temperature applications from -120 ° C to +425 °C. The range includes high performance temperature control with cooling capacities up to 250 kW as well as classic chillers and heating and cooling thermostats.

Dynamic Temperature Control Systems – Unistat, Tango, Petite Fleur.
Huber Unistat offer unmatched thermodynamics and advanced control technology.
• Efficient heating and cooling technology
• Short heating and cooling
• Wide temperature range with no fluid exchange
• More than 60 models with cooling of 0.7 to 130 kW

Heating and Cooling Thermostats – Compatible Control, MPC, Ministat, Variostat
The Huber thermostat program written to model a wide range of temperatures from -90 ° C to +300 ° C.
• Bridge thermostats
• Baths with polycarbonate or stainless steel baths
• Circulators for external temperature
• Refrigeration and Low Refrigerated Circulators
• Over 70 models with cooling capacities up to 7 kW

Chiller – Unichiller, Minichiller, RotaCool
Huber Minichiller and Unichiller offer environmentally friendly and economic cooling solutions.
• Environmentally friendly alternative to cooling with fresh water
• Small size, high performance
• Rugged stainless steel construction
• Proven, reliable technology life
• Over 50 models with cooling capacities from 0.3 to 50 kW

Huber GmbH
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