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iFIL AG, a international oriented company with headquarters and manufacturing in Oensingen, Switzerland, offers a wide range of products in the field of filtration and dedusting techniques.

Our staff has extensive experience in many areas of process and environmental engineering. We customize concepts to achieve the most efficient and cost effective operation of your bag house and dust collector.

At our plant in Oensingen, we manufacture pleated filter elements with state-of-the art machinery. Our product range consists of cartridges for various applications, e.g. welding fume, powder coating cabinets, etc. We produce pleated bag replacement elements to expand filtration area, lower differential pressure and increase production output.

We offer a large variety of filter bags designed for many uses including hot gas applications.

First class filter media with different surface finishes including laminated ePTFE membranes are available.

Helix Compact Filters offer multiple advantages for newly built dust collectors. As a replacement, it out-performs traditional sintered filter elements.

This technology opens many possibilities to increase the performance of your bag house.

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