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Iηovair designs and manufactures modern high efficiency compact turbo blowers and centrifugal compressor packages specifically engineered for pneumatic conveying applications. Leading the way in technology with best in class efficiency at a substantially lower cost relative to other centrifugal technologies, Inovair turbo blowers offer results in proven energy savings of 10-35% over rotary lobe PD blowers, and a 20-40 degree reduction in discharge temperature, preserving product integrity. Low noise (75-85 dBA) pulsation-free sound profiles improve employee safety.

Rugged and innovative integrally geared units and our industry-exclusive Drop-In Replacement blower (allows motor and stand re-use), yields significant operational savings resulting in attractive ROI’s, frequently under two years. Inovair’s compact footprint is a byproduct of higher efficiency allowing for use of smaller electric motors and no need for inlet and discharge filter silencers. Iηovair is a division of ATI, manufacturer of technologically advanced centrifugal compressors, industrial blowers and superchargers for 18+ years.

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