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Lontra is a technology company developing innovative products that address traditional engineering challenges.

Lontra gets its name from a type of Otter. An intelligent, resourceful and playful animal similarly associated with clean water and a sustainable environment.

Our Blade Compressor® is a step change in compressor technology, a completely new and patented geometry for a machine that is at the core of many industries. The first widely applicable new design in 80 years. Its geometry means that it leaks less, uses less energy and is more reliable than traditional machines of this type. A huge win for industry which is dependent on machines of this type, and where the Lontra innovation offers reduced downtime, and lower energy bills.

Reduced energy usage and reduced downtime is good for the environment and society. Therefore offering our customers, partners and licensees the opportunity to increase competitiveness and manage lifetime costs.

Furthermore Lontra brings new innovation to established industries. From water treatment to food production, pharmaceutical, chemical and cement manufacture. We can make an important impact on energy and resource usage worldwide.

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