Lysair Industrial Air Solutions

Lysair is specialized in techniques destined for environmental conservation, develops and produces installations for industrial dedusting, pneumatic transporters and flue gas scrubbing. Lysair offers a range of products: Piping and ducting in steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel, fans, different kinds of filters, scrubbers for wet and dry applications, rotary valves, etc….

Lysair’s strength lies in its broad range of products: For both separate components (fan, extraction lock, etc.) and partial installations (ducting, removals, etc.) to complete installations (complete dedusting of the extraction points up to the storage of the filtered material), we guarantee a perfect finish which we can provide entirely (starting from engineering up to maintenance) ourselves. This also comprises the electrical support of the hardware and the implementation of the software, for which we have our own specialists.

  • A team of specialised and experienced engineers designs and calculates the installations. It is important that we have the experience and know-how in house to find the best solution in the fields of air technology, mechanics, electricity and control.
  • Hereby is consultation with the customer a key-word. Even before we get to pricing, we discuss all the specifications with the customer in order to be able to deliver a tailor-made installation, which comes up to his needs.
  • The engineers work methodically, supported by a CAD-CAM system which allows them to communicate both internally and externally, resulting in installations with a high return and a long life.
Lysair Industrial Air Solutions
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Products by Lysair Industrial Air Solutions

Baghouse dust collectors
Cartridge dust collectors
Cyclonic dust collectors

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