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M.I.P., based in Rijkevorsel, is a manufacturer of polyester silos and storage tanks, and is active throughout Europe. This ultramodern family business is a pioneer in the use of polyester and has a quarter century of experience in the storage sector. M.I.P. offers total solutions for companies in a wide range of industrial, agricultural and food sectors. In order to respond as efficiently as possible to the storage requirements of its customers, M.I.P. strives to achieve the greatest possible versatility.

Its virtually unlimited production possibilities place the company in a unique position in the market. All production lines were updated with state-of-the-art technology during the last decade, and are currently among the most flexible in the sector. M.I.P. produces silos and storage tanks that can be fully tailor-made to the requirements of the customer, down to the smallest accessories. The company covers the entire storage sector, ranging from small processing units for family farms to complete bulk stations for large industrial players. M.I.P.’s extensive production capacity enables the company to implement large projects in a short period of time.

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