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Matcon Ltd. - a unit of IDEX Corporation

Matcon, a division of IDEX MPT Inc., has been providing bulk solids and powder handling solutions for the efficient and flexible processing of powders, granules and tablets using Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology for over 40 years. In operation across a range of manufacturing industries, including food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, chemical and metal powders, Matcon have the capability to provide total IBC solutions, from single component level through to complete turnkey powder handling solutions. We apply our commitment to innovation, continuous product development and thorough consideration of our customers’ process needs and objectives, delivering Lean Materials Manufacturing solutions. This allows our customers to benefit from:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Reduced manufacturing costs.

The Matcon IBC System is designed to the highest hygiene standards, ensuring product integrity and safety throughout the manufacturing operations of powder recipe formulation, mixing/blending and packing. At the heart of our Powder Handling System is our patented Cone Valve technology, an outstanding discharge valve that has been proven continually to overcome the traditional powder handling issues of:

  • Bridging
  • Rat-holing
  • Segregation
  • Degradation

We have implemented a wide range of systems with both national and multi-national companies from simple decoupling of a fixed mixer to improve throughput to the most complex multi-batch, multi-mixer, fully tracked system.

New to our product range in 2021 is the Matcon Manual Cone Valve (MCV). Designed specifically to assist customers who experience problems with butterfly valve IBCs in the Food, Beverage and Chemical sectors, the MCV helps overcome problems with core flow, particle rolling and mix segregation. The Manual Cone Valve can be easily retrofitted to any existing flanged IBC outlet.

Matcon offers exceptional service by developing a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, providing a full range of Engineering Services, Installation and Commissioning support.

Fundamental to our customer centric approach is ensuring that our customer’s expectations in relation to product design, quality and safety are always met. Matcon comply with and follow a variety of industry industry directives including Health & Safety Legislation and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, European Hygienic Engineering & DEsign Group (EHEDG), Quality Management System (QMS) Standard ISO 9001 and the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.

Matcon is a unit of applied solutions provider IDEX Corporation and works alongside its other business units; Fitzpatrick, Microfluidics, Quadro and Steridose.

Matcon Ltd. - a unit of IDEX Corporation
Matcon Ltd. – a unit of IDEX Corporation
Bramley Drive, Vale Park West
WR11 1JH
United Kingdom
+44 1386 769000
+44 870 191 1116


Products by Matcon Ltd. – a unit of IDEX Corporation

Discharge Aids
Bag Discharge & Filling Stations
Big Bag Discharge & Filling Stations
Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Cone Valves
Gravimetric feeders
Volumetric feeders

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