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MATSUBO Corporation

In 1949 our company was born as part of the commercial division of the Matsuzakaya Department Store, with a corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the development of the Japanese industrial sector by introducing excellent machinery, equipment, and new technologies from the West and other countries around the world.”

At the time of our founding, the Japanese industrial sector was rebuilding itself after the war. Since then, Matsubo has contributed to the development of today’s industrial sector by harnessing our unique capacity for collecting information to quickly source the latest Western technologies as well as the machinery and equipment developed by such technologies.

More than half a century later, we are in an era where information is transmitted across the world instantaneously. In this time of rapid change, we are striving to meet our customers’ needs by acting as a “technological bridge,” providing fresh information in a timely manner while continually improving our ability to gather news about advanced technologies from all over the world.

Looking to the future, our goal is to expand from an exclusively technological trading company to offer a comprehensive range of trading and engineering functions. We are striving to offer customers a seamless solution, ranging from pre-sales services such as technology and product information to after-services such as consulting on the upgrade of equipment and devices after delivery.

In addition to pursuing sound corporate management and thorough implementation of compliance programs across the board, we are actively seeking to offer technologies and products that may mitigate the impact on the global environment, with the aim of contributing to creation of a sustainable social structure as a member of society.

We look to continue providing the industrial sector with cutting-edge technologies and new products, to support the new growth strategies and address the increasingly diverse needs of the society.

Moreover, responding to changes in the market environment, we aim to further broaden our horizons to include not only the domestic market, but also overseas markets.

To meet the challenges of conducting business on a global scale, we will strive harder than ever before to provide services that satisfy our customers, partly through the recruitment and training of diverse human resources.

MATSUBO Corporation
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