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Midwest’s 45 consecutive years of leadership in dust control technology and manufacturing can make your loading of dry bulks safer, faster and most importantly dust free.

Designed for easy installation, Midwest’s pre-engineered modules allow plant or consulting engineers to build stand alone bulk load out stations or complete loading systems using interchangeable modules.

The Midwest tooling program produces superior quality products including state of the art, precision machined, ductile and non-ferrous castings, aluminum extrusions, stampings and high-tech plastic alloy components.

In-house engineering and manufacturing provide the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation capabilities to assist engineering firms or users in their quest for fast, economical dust free loading.

Through this combination of high technology and quality materials, Midwest provides the best equipment available for dust free loading. Air ecology is our business, our only business.

When you select Midwest, you select the very best.

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