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Since 1880 we are one of the leading suppliers of fluidizing fabrics, which means more than 130 years of weaving experience.

Our product range comprises special fabrics for high-temperature applications as well as for acid resistant or antistatic requirements. We offer you customized fabrics according to your requirements.

Our fields of applications are cement plants, coal-fired power stations, alumina plants, chemical industries and transportation of bulk powder materials on the road, rail or sea. Our fabrics can be installed in airslides, silos, vessels, trucks and railway wagons.

Fluitex fluidizing fabrics have a shining and smooth surface with high wear resistance and constant air permeability. Your daily profit comes from long life time, even distribution of bulk goods over the whole surface, trouble-free operation and total discharge.

Mühlen Sohn`s careful selection of raw materials, specially developed weaving technology and certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 ensure a constantly high product quality and a product lifetime of up to 5 times longer than of conventional fabrics. Fabrics can be supplied in full width, cut to size, as round or rectangular sections, with holes or as assembled cones. Most items are held in stock for speedy, reliable delivery.

Take advantage of the high quality of Fluitex fluidizing fabrics for your technical requirement.

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