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We are a Polish company that has been operating in the food and chemical industry for over 20 years. Our activities concentrate mainly on designing and delivering technological lines and equipment for the food industry and other related industries.

The MYSAK company performs complete design works as well as machine and plant constructions on the basis of the legal regulations applicable countrywide and in the EU.

We construct prototypes, non-standard machines and equipment. We have numerous implemented and successful projects in this area.

Our offer includes implementations for:
– Institutions and installations for the food industry (comestible concentrates, potato plants, sugar factories, dairy plants, tobacco plants, mills),
– Institutions and installations for the chemical industry (household chemistry, industrial chemistry, paints, enamels),
– Institutions and installations for related branches (plants of concrete, plants of sett, plants of glue, plants of concrete tiles),
– Accessory buildings (stowage, storehouses and stores, thermal power plants, laboratories, office buildings, expedition centers).

MYSAK offers: dryers (pneumatic, fluidized, belt, spray dryers), sifters, mixers, dust removers, crushers, tipples, dispensers, belt conveyors, worm conveyors, bucket conveyors, vibrating conveyors, weighing-and-packing machines, silos, tanks, blanchers and coolers, cyclones, hydro-cyclones, heaters, steam peelers and friction peelers, big-bag loading and unloading stations, pneumatic separators, pneumatic transport pressure feeders (Fullera pump)and many others.

Our experienced workers are well-known and valued on the market in the area of installations for food industry in Poland and therefore they are worthy of trust.
We have permanent and dependable executing facilities as well as full and prompt service.

MYSAK Group Sp. z o.o. Spółka komandytowa
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+48 61 810 16 27
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