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Pelletron Corporation

Founded in 1987, Pelletron Corporation provided dedusting solutions to the plastics manufacturing and processing industry. With its patented DeDuster®, Pelletron has helped hundreds of plastic processing and manufacturing companies around the world to improve their production processes by separating contaminants from virgin and recycled materials before processing or packaging. Pelletron offers various DeDuster® models with processing capabilities ranging up to 100 tons/hour. In 2003, Heinz Schneider, President, and Paul Wagner, Vice President, two former Coperion executives, took over the company and expanded the company’s in the pneumatic conveying field. In 2010, Pelletron started pelletroneurope GmbH in Germany for servicing the European and Middle East market. Pelletron is a well established global supplier for pneumatic conveying systems and components in the Plastics Manufacturing Industry. Pelletron developed and patented a range of new pneumatic conveying components and processes, and became the global technology leader in this field.

Products and Services Pelletron Corporation

Pelletron supplies Pneumatic Conveying systems for the plastic manufacturing industry – dilute phase, dense phase and the new STRANDPHASE® conveying technology. In August 2010, Pelletron introduced the new pellcon3® conveying process to the industry. This new conveying process is very economical compared to traditional dense phase conveying systems.

The DeDuster®, a patented fines removal technology for all kind of granular products. The DeDuster® with its low height is designed for installation under the silo before packaging. The DeDuster® is the only machine that removes dust and streamers in ONE unit. Besides cleaning of plastic pellets, the DeDuster® can be used for cleaning of minerals, foods and pharmaceutical products as well. Pelletron’s standard DeDuster® are available for capacities from 5kg/h up to 150t/h. Bigger sizes are available on request. Besides the traditional P-series DeDuster®, Pelletron developed the new XP-series, the OS-series (Off-Set DeDuster®) and the RC-series (Round-CentraCone DeDuster®).

Pelletron developed a completely new energy saving Component program, consisting of rotary and diverter valves for medium and high pressure applications for powders and pellets.

Pelletron developed the Pellbow®, a special patented pipe elbow to reduce streamer formation and to be used for conveying of abrasive products.

Pelletron operates a Testlab for pneumatic conveying and DeDusting and provides FREE PRODUCT TESTING, with the FineAlyzer®, including wet and dry dust analysis with PPM profile.

Pelletron Corporation
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Products by Pelletron Corporation

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Dilute Phase—Positive Pressure
Dilute Phase—Vacuum
Turnkey Systems
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