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PIIAN Systems, founded in 1990, has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of high and low pressure fog and misting systems and vapour technology.

From our head office in Palm Springs, California through to our regional offices and distribution centres in Australasia and Europe, PIIAN has over 20 years strived to deliver the highest standards in technology, service, and innovation.

Today, PIIAN continues to deliver the worlds leading industrial rated atomisation and vapour technology available for dust and odour control. We maintain extensive Customer Support systems including a 24/7 help line, fast track part distribution and VOIP/Skype access to our factory design engineers from anywhere in the world.

At PIIAN we continue to provide systems with a difference

Industrial quality products with industrial ratings at affordable cost. Skill, experience and integrity since 1984. PIIAN has focused exclusively on tough industrial odour and dust control applications for over 30 years. Our systems include important proprietary features and meet essential industrial specifications. They are capable of operating 24/7 in the toughest environments, and incorporate critical automation and maintenance reduction technology.

We deliver unsurpassed performance, reliability and durability. Our warranty is unrivaled at 10,000 hours of service. The PIIAN “Factory Direct” sales program ensures we provide our superior quality products at the best prices and support you with a level of experience and skill. All systems are designed for simple “Self Installation”. Only final site connections are necessary, detailed instructions supplied, only basic skills required.

PIIAN Systems
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