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PneuTec Engineering consists of expert technical and engineering staff experienced in bulk materials handling and pneumatic conveying.

PneuTec Engineering offers the following:

  • Design of engineering service consultant
  • Assessment and evaluation of existing plant or process
  • Partnership with the client in developing innovative efficient conveying systems
  • Pneumatic conveying and materials handling
  • Material testing and design analysis

PneuTec Engineering resource includes:

  • Advance design for bulk Materials Handling
  • Partnership with Asian manufacturing providing efficient and economic cost base
  • Supply pre-engineered product range of solids handling equipment
  • Design and Engineer of air-slides
  • Design and engineer fluidised flow aid devices for hoppers and silos
  • Network supply chain of global and local associated equipment suppliers

PneuTec Engineering range of Pneumatic conveying extends as follows:

  • Dense phase pressure pots transporters and associated accessories
  • Dilute phase (or Medium phase)systems
  • Vacuum System both dense phase and dilute phase with high vacuum roots type blower
  • Air slide (gravity conveyors)
  • Batching and weighing
  • FIBC loaders and unloaders
PneuTec Engineering
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