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Pofer SRL has over 30 years of experience in the design and production of screw conveyors for agriculture, industry and biomasses.

We provide a wide range of augers, designed for the transport and mixing many materials : corn, flour, mud, dust, sand, semisolids, gravel, etc., that are used in various sectors: agriculture, food, biomasses, ecological, chemicals, plastics and processing of aggregates.

For conveying, feeding, mixing, chopping, separating, drying operations, cooling and heating , can be designed to be vapor-tight or hold an internal pressure, engineered for corrosive or hazardous environments . Supplied both as single machines and as complement of plants and harvesting equipment.

Pofer manufactures engineered augers, tailored to customers requirements thanks to our highly qualified engineering department, with the use of high quality materials.

Pofer Srl offers its expertise to serve its customers with flexibility and quality, providing training and on-site inspections worldwide.

Pofer installations are located in 54 countries worldwide especially in the cement industry, agri food industry, plastics industry and wastewater treatment and sludges in rendering industry.

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