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Precision Machine & Manufacturing

Found in 1977, Precision Machine & Manufacturing is the leading supplier of extreme-duty bulk material handling components for industrial plants operating in the Biomass & Wood, Cement Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Food & Agriculture, Metals & Minerals, and Coal-Fired Power Generation industries to name a few. We tackle the most challenging and complex material handling issues! When others walk away or provide a sub-par product, Precision Machine & Manufacturing steps in to develop a material-handling solution that not only successfully addresses problem areas, but also ensures increased throughput is attained and unexpected downtime is a thing of the past!

Our proprietary, NFPA-compliant, modular Rotary Valve, which is the only modular rotary valve in the industry, has a long and proven operational history of performance. In addition, PMM”s Rotary Valve is able to be rebuilt on-site during a scheduled outage. Replacement parts are readily available and continually rebuilding the valve versus replacement, which is the common approach, further increases the return on investment and minimizes downtime. Whether it is the superior air-sealing capabilities due to our close-tolerance machining capabilities or the fact that PMM’s Rotary Valve is 100% manufactured from a USA-sourced abrasion-resistant steel alloy, which has a through hardness of 500 Brinnel and is ion nitride surface treated to push the material hardness all the way to 60 Rockwell, there simply is not a stronger, more abrasion-resistant and trouble-free rotary valve available. Precision Machine & Manufacturing’s Rotary Valve is by far the superior rotary metering airlock available worldwide!

Unlike most Rotary Valve, Rotary Feeder, and Screw Conveyor manufacturers who boast about their equipment being able to handle abrasive materials or operate at elevated temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, here at Precision Machine & Manufacturing, we let our material handling components do the talking! When it comes to moving extremely abrasive and/or corrosive materials, or obtaining extremely high-volume of throughput intermittently or at a sustained rate, this is just another day at the office for us!

We’re very proud that every product we build is 100% Made in the USA. We believe in innovation and development. We excel in solving new, challenging applications for our customers and all we ask is that you give us an opportunity and we guarantee you will be glad that you did!

Thank you for your interest in Precision Machine & Manufacturing!

Precision Machine & Manufacturing
1290 S. Bertelsen Road
United States


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