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Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Your Great Partner in Bulk Materials Handling Products!

Prime Manufacturing is a quality supplier of Bulk Materials Handling Products, Bucket Elevator and Conveyor Components, Screw Flights, Engineering Plastics for CNC machining, off cut and cut to size services at competitive prices.

Prime Manufacturing houses a wide range of stocks in its Melbourne facility and has easy access to products from its international manufacturing plants, which means that the right product is never far away.

Prime Manufacturing employs staff that offer over 40 years of combined industry experience in the Bulk Materials Handling & Engineering Plastics fields. This experience enables us to provide you the right products and solutions at the most competitive price.

We manufacture, import, and fabricate:
– Bucket Elevator Components – Elevator bucket, elevator belt, elevator bolts and belt fasteners
– Belt Conveyor Components – Impact Bars, conveyor belts, Conveyor rollers / Idlers
– Screw Flights – continuous or Sectional Augers Flighting
– Drag Conveyor Components – Forged Chains, Roller Conveyor Chains, flight attachment.
– Parts for Sieves & Screens – Sieves cleaners, Pan Cleaners, Rubber cleaning balls
– Engineering plastic Products – UHMWPE/ HDPE/ Nylon/ PTFE (Teflon) /POM (Acetal) / PU in Sheets, Tubes and Rods. Available in CNC Machining & off cut and cut to size services.

Call STEVEN on 1300 332 242, to get the following advantages
– Competitive prices!
– Strong manufacturing base with more than 40 years industry experience!
– Local stock availability ensuring timely delivery!
– Customised products and machining to suit your special requirements!

Prime Manufacturing’s complete range of bulk materials handling components in bucket elevator components, Belt Conveyor components, engineering plastic products, drag conveyor components, parts for sieves & screens, Screw flights. Includes – elevator buckets, agricultural elevator bucket, industrial elevator bucket, grains elevator buckets, hdpe elevator bucket, nylon elevator bucket, pu elevator buckets, stainless steel elevator buckets, seamless press steel elevator bucket, elevator bolts, bucket elevator bolting, belt fasteners, clamp fastener,elevator belts, bucket elevator belting,, conveyor impact beds, Impact Bars, conveyor idlers, conveyor rollers, Roller conveyor, drag conveyor, forged chains, flight attachment, conveyor chains, chain sprockets, conveyor Belt, conveyor belting, screw flight, continuous screw flights, sectional screw flight, grain augers, spiral, helicoids flighting, helicoid flight, sieve cleaners, pan cleaners, rubber cleaning balls, engineering plastics, uhmwpe Sheet, uhmwpe rod, hdpe sheet, hdpe rod, hdpe tube, pfte sheet, ptfe rod, ptfe tube, teflon sheet, teflon rod, telfon tube, nylon sheet, nylon rod, pom sheet, pom rod, acetal sheet, acetal rod and etc.

Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd
87 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong


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