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Quadrant is a global manufacturer of engineering plastics in the form of semi-finished products and finished components. Quadrant‘s global business focus is on high performance engineering plastics which includes stampable composite thermoplastic sheet, a wide range of stock shape materials for machining, and finished components.

For the bulk materials handling industry Quadrant offers System TIVAR® Engineering which is a full service concept for flow-promoting linings in storage and transport containers.

System TIVAR® Engineering liners prevent bulk material stoppages that can result from caking, arching, freezing, rat-holing, or corrosion in storage and transport containers. They enable you to prevent expensive and time-consuming operational disturbances from occurring in the first place.

Quadrant EPP’s SYMALIT® Fluoroplastics division is one of the pioneers of high performance fluoroplastics. With more than 40 years of experience Quadrant has gained the confidence of a wide range of industrial customers throughout the world.

SYMALIT® Fluoroplastics are used in high-tech applications that demand absolute safety. In the chemical industry they are synonymous with the highest corrosion protection, while in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry they stand for the transport of high purity media with absolute absence of contamination.

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