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Revtech is specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of industrial solutions for the heat treatment of bulk solids and powders.

Revtech unique, innovative and patented technology is based on simple principles:
• Gentle transport & homogeneous mixing in a closed spiral tube by vibrations.
• Heating by direct contact with an electrical impedance tube.
• Operation in a controlled atmosphere in the stainless steel pipe.

A large range of applications can be acheived with our technology:
• In the food industry: drying, stabilization, pasteurization, steam sterilization, toasting, roasting… of herbs and spices, seeds, nuts, cereal products, flours…
• In the chemical industry: preheating, drying, thermal desorption, calcination, sintering, gas-solid reaction, pyrolysis, ultra-drying, sterilization… of catalysts, synthetic rubber, alumina, cork, wood, glass microspheres, corrosive powders…

Our continuous custom-made technology allows flow rate from 200 up to 7000 kg/h.

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