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robecco realizes technologically innovative control systems for the application preventive explosion protection. These are generally used in processes with combustible dusts and gases. Especially coal-grinding plants, coal dust silos or alternative fuel silos are particularly considered in the safety aspect of preventive explosion protection. Using robecco products can effectively prevent gas- and dust explosions. During the realisation of projects current standards for explosion protection are implemented.

robecco provides ATEX compliant gas analyser systems robecco GAS: The gas analyser system with integrated analysers realizes a process monitoring for CO, CH4, CO2 and O2. Particularly gas sample probes, sample lines and gas analyser cabinets will be used for the gas analyser systems. The Ex-protection for the gas analyser system is given so that the use in Ex-zones is ensured. Quality, functionality and operator friendly use guarantee a safe process monitoring. Systems for emission measurements are also provided.

robecco provides a self-monitored, fully automatic control system robecco secure center RSC for preventive explosion protection:

Inert atmospheres in explosive processes are ensured in accordance with the regulations VDI 2263-2 and CEN 15281. Dust explosions are prevented and smouldering can be extinguished in time. Limiting oxygen concentrations (SGK or LOC) are under control, trends and process sequences are saved. Maintenance is displayed in time, process characteristics and parameter settings can be flexibly adjusted. robecco secure center realized in a modern, user-friendly and fully adaptable system.

robecco provides modern control systems for CO2 – and N2 inerting systems. robecco inert control RIC: Design and construction are engineered by robecco. In the range of systems pressure vessel control systems for CO2 tanks, N2 tanks or CO2 – N2 bottle-batteries are included. Dosing and gas distribution for gas-valve stations are equipped with special controls so that the inerting process can be done very effectively.

robecco provides silo control systems, robecco silo automation RSA: The silo periphery will be integrated. It completes the product portfolio to turnkey solutions. The common use of the products robecco GAS, robecco secure center RSC and robecco inert control RIC results to the optimal solution for the storage of flammable materials.

robecco provides dust monitoring and filter monitoring devices, robecco Dust Control RDC: The devices measure very reliable dust emissions according to the today’s standards for clean air. Defective filter hoses in filter systems can be quickly identified by simple principles. An increasing of dust emissions is prevented. Optimized emission and filter monitoring by robecco dust control ensures the plant productivity. The optional integration of dust- and filter monitoring in the product robecco secure center complete the process monitoring and safety concept.

robecco provides an early fire detection system, robecco dryer protection RDP: This system is developed especially for spray drying systems in the food industry. Due to high process temperatures and product characteristics it can always come to a dangerous smouldering in the production process. In accordance with VDI guideline 2263 sheet 7 and 7.1 the use of CO detection has proved for early fire detection. The very fast identification of a smouldering allows the operator to prevent the propagation of a fire. Therefore continuous monitoring warns preventively against fires and explosions.

robecco delivers automation, switching control cabinets and classic assembling works: On request robecco supplies specifications, wiring diagrams, visualisations and programming. Project coordination and project management are included in the scope of engineering services. Services like manufacturing and assembly of hardware are part of the scope of supply by robecco.

robecco provides comprehensive services: maintenance, DGUV V3 tests and spare parts deliveries are included in the range of services. Functional systems increase significantly the safety and productivity of the operator systems.

Quality Made in Germany

robecco is certified according to ISO9001-2008 and ensures a high quality – and safety standard.

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