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Score Group Plc

Score Group plc are Valve supply and servicing specialists with a track record of delivering excellent service to their customers for over 30 years. The organisation manufactures a range of bespoke Valve Diagnostics Products and Services.

Score’s family of valve diagnostics products and services include MIDAS Meter® Through Valve Loss / Leak Detector, MIDAS Sensor, V-Map, and V-Scan Systems.

LEAKING VALVES represent a MAJOR SAFETY RISK and are a MAJOR SOURCE OF LOST PROFITS. Use Midas Meter® to find leaking valves long before detection by conventional methods or instrumentation. Avoid product losses to the flare and fugitive emissions, confidently prepare for maintenance outages and avoid excessive valve damage due to prolonged leakage.

The ultra portable, hand-held wireless MIDAS Meter® allows you to quickly and confidently find your leaking valves, target the right valves for maintenance, order spare parts and replacement valves ahead of any outage and so avoid extended shutdowns.

Midas Meter® takes you from reactive to proactive maintenance by focusing you on both “condition based” and “predictive” maintenance activities. Find out more at

MIDAS® Sensor is a permanently installed wired version of the portable hand-held device and is and hooked directly into the process SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system to give instantaneous feedback on valve performance to control room or remote personnel.

V-MAP continuously monitors, alerts and reports on valve and actuator performance. It is a passive, non-intrusive monitoring system that responds to every valve operation, planned or unplanned, partial or full, that:

– Issues warning of performance deterioration before unacceptable levels are reached,
– Eliminates the need for personnel at the valve’s location,
– Provides analysis that will identify maintenance requirements and
– Provides reliability data for confirmation of Safety Integrity Levels (SILs),
– Gives remote access availability for valve expert analysis and support.

Find out more at

The V-Scan Diagnostic Analyser generates industry specific tests, written by Score’s Diagnostic Engineers, providing an optimum method to collect data on critical trip and control valves.

This enables clients to have confidence in the safety system as well as providing optimal maintenance requirements to ensure valve availability.

Score’s V-Scan system can also be used in conjunction with the V-Map system promoting enhanced performance and reliability of valves.

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