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Selpeco Resources is a professional services corporation that provides development and program management of major bulk material handling projects around the world. We provide turnkey services from initial project planning and economic evaluation, through detailed design and engineering services, procurement, construction commissioning and major maintinence.

Our logo consisting of 3 overlapping circles is representative of the integration of engineering, procurement and construction; the assimilation of schedule, budget and quality and the different working perspectives of project owners, project engineers and project contractors. The solidly overlapping zones of these three competing circles are where Selpeco’s services reside.

A key factor to our success as a company is our ability to do our work seamlessly with our customers. We take full ownership of our endeavors with customer satisfaction being our primary goal. If you are looking for a company that can help you navigate through the intricacies of a bulk material handling project, from planning it to building it and testing it – you have come to the correct website.

Selpeco Resources, Inc.
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