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S&F GmbH have been developing screening machines and screening plants, dosing systems and conveying plants for various requirements in the packaged and bulk goods industry at their Grünkraut location, close to Ravensburg, Germany since 1990.

Ever since the company was founded in June 1990 as “Franz Amann Siebmaschinen & Fördertechnik,” customers from various manufacturing industries, such as brickyards and saw mills, have been working successfully with our screening machines, conveyors and recycling machines.

Although in the early stages the business concentrated on refurbishing used conveyors, woodworking machines and screening machines, as early as May 1991 we already had produced the first S&F screening machine with up to one square metre of screening surface area. Just two years later, in 1993, we were able to gain additional market shares with a screening surface of up to 3 square metres. And by 1994 it was up to 6 square metres.

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