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Any manufacturer of dust collectors and air pollution control equipment can give you clean air, but at Sly Inc, that’s just the beginning. Sly offers flexibility in its dust equipment that other manufacturers can’t match. That’s because we don’t outsource our manufacturing. Sly, Inc. produces a wide-ranging line of reliable, strong baghouses, industrial dust collectors and industrial air cleaners and more that will keep your company running clean and efficient. Sly baghouse dust collectors have been used in many applications and industries for over 100 years, and Sly even holds the very first patent ever issued for cloth type dust collectors.

Sly Inc – Industrial Dust Collectors & Industrial Air Cleaners

Unlike many air pollution control equipment suppliers, we refuse to mass-produce product and then hope for a good fit. We have maintained flexibility in our engineering techniques which permit us to manufacture all baghouses and dust collectors to fit the task at hand, while maintaining a price to you that is comparable to mass-produced equipment. In many cases it costs no more to get the very best in dust collection equipment. Please contact Sly, Inc. today, and let us show you peace of mind.

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